3 Dry Measures - $325.00

4 Qt.- 9 1/4" Round X 5 1/2" Deep 2 Qt. - 7 1/8" Round X 4 1/2" Deep 1 Qt.- 5 3/4" Round X 3 1/2 " Deep

These 3 Dry Measures are all stamped E B Frye, Wilton, N.H. These measures were made at Frye's Measure Mill located in Wilton, N.H., which is a museum and gift shop today. EB Frye ( Dr. Frye) purchased the mill from Daniel Cragin in the early 1900s for his son, Whitney. The measures were produced in the water powered mill during the early 1900s. There is a nest of 3 measures, 1 Qt., 2 Qt. and 4 Qt. fastened by copper nails in the Shaker tradition. This is an original set of wooden measures, as the 3 Qt. was skipped knowing that a 1 and 2 Qt. makes 3. All three measures have a great patina and are essentially museum pieces. Here is your chance to purchase a nest of 3 original wooden measures that are museum quality.

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