Pharoh's Horses in a Vintage Frame - $385

20" X 24"

Here is a matted print of Pharoh"s Horses in a Vintage Frame. The original painting was done in 1848, by the artist J. F. Herring. The picture depicts the same horse, the Arabian stallion, Imaum, with 3 different expressions. This stallion was once owned by Queen Victoria, and was later sold through Tattersalls Sales Pavilion where he was purchased by J. F. Herring, who owned him for the remainder of the horses life. Imaum was used by J. F. Herring as a subject for many paintings throughout his career. The vintage frame used here is surrounded by dark green velvet, and the reverse side has a hand chamfered wooden back with some square nails. This is an exquisite depiction of J. F. Herring"s work.

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