Heisey Vase - $125.00

Base - 4 1/4" round. Top - 5" round. 12" high.

Heisey Glass was made by Augustus Heisey, and this is an original Heisey Vase, signed with the famous Diamond H. In late 1900, the trademark was designed by George Duncan Heisey, one of Augustus' sons, and registered in 1901. Heisey was proud of it and insisted that all of the glass should be marked. In later years, a paper label was commonly used, but the early glass pieces had the Diamond H etched in the mold. This vase is the popular Colonial Pattern, a clear, bright glass brought to life by fire polishing and grinding. The bottom of this vase shows some wear, but there are no chips, cracks or breaks of any kind found on this lovely vase.

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