German Beer Steins - $550.00 Each

A - 5 1/4" round x 16" high. B -5 1/4" round x 16" high.

These steins are beautiful, and they are "the real thing". Both Beer Steins have raised German figures and pewter colored fancy metal tops with finials and thumb latches to raise and lower these lids. The lids not only keep the beer cold, but keep it fresh and fizzy, as well. Both steins also have numbers to attest to their uniqueness and each has a handle. These steins have some heft to them, and take both of my hands to lift them, even before a brew!! One stein depicts some of the jolly natives enjoying a brew and each others company at a local tavern. This is the more colorful of the steins since each figure is dressed in the fashionable garb of the era. The other stein depicts a musical scene playing for Royalty and some German embossed words. Everyone appears to be having a grand time! These are happy scenes that depict the carefree nature of German folk. Contact BARN ON 26 ANTIQUES for these authentic beer steins from Germany.

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