Gone with the Wind Lamp - $225

9" x 23" high.

Here is a classic example of the original Gone with the Wind Lamp that got its name from the movie. This lamp has the ball on top with a substantial sphere shaped base. Since the lamp has been electrified, there is a three way switch which lights just the top, just the bottom or both the top and bottom. The lamp has a white background with a matching floral design on top and bottom. There is brass trim between the top and bottom as well as on the base. There is a clear glass chimney just as the lamp was when it was powered by kerosene. This particular lamp is marked "The New Juno - Made in USA", which dates it about 1890. This lamp is also in pristine condition and ready to charm your home. It has been re-wired for safety and can be shipped, so contact us today for a free quote!

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