Moe Bridges Boudoir Lamp - $325.00

Base 5" round. Shade 8" round. 13 1/2" high.

This signed Moe Bridges Boudoir Lamp was produced in the 1920s. Moe Bridges Co. began selling lighting devices in 1919 when the factory was opened in Milwaukee. Reverse painted products such as this one were popular at the time, so many were produced at the Moe Bridges Company. The great depression of 1929, made these lamps too expensive for the average person to purchase, so the Company went out of business. The relatively short life of this factory make these lamps a rare commodity in today's market. They were usually painted, as this one is, on the base with a cap to match. The paint on this light is original and factory done. It is a treat to have one of these unusual lamps for sale in the shop!