Alaska 2 Door Ice Box - $2,750.00

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30 1/4" X 18 1/2" X 49"

This Alaska 2 Door Ice Box is a beauty! It is made of oak and the interior is finished with a Rustoleum Paint for cleanliness as well as a preservative. We have added a wooden bottom so the top can be used, but the original grate is also available. The two wire shelves are original and the hardware, dated 1897, has been buffed, but is original as well. That is about the era when this Ice Box was made by the Alaska Company. We have preserved the Alaska Label for the buyer. The Ice Box is insulated with cork and the original label is on the Ice Box stating that the cork is "A Life Preserver for Food". Alaska Ice Boxes were considered amongst the best at the turn-of-the-20th-century. Do not miss out on this part of our early history.