Victorian Slag Glass Lamp - $995.00

Base 8". Shade 17". 22" high.

Here is double socket lamp with 6 divided panels and is a combination of caramel glass and light blue marbleized glass. The top panels on the umbrella shade are caramel glass, and the bottom are the light blue marbleized glass. This shows up beautifully when the lamp is lighted, and it can add instant ambiance to any room. The shade has a metal overlay showing a repeated pattern of a bridge and birds of paradise in each section. There is a theme of Orientalia in these panels, but it is subtle and light. The shade has embossing all around which helps to show off the lamp. The base of the lamp lightly reflects the colors seen in the shade. This is a great accent piece and can be used anywhere in your home. We can ship to your location, so contact us for a price.