Room Size Oriental Rug - $1,875.00


11'8" X 9'

This Room Size Oriental Rug is gorgeous! It has a deep pile and no stains or odors. There is lots of color with the prominent shade being a deep red. There is also a smattering of white, navy and aqua with all figures outlined in black for emphasis. Although the rug is machine done, as opposed to hand done, it is well-done with all work being pristine. This rug is not nearly as old as some that have been in the shop, but its brilliance is outstanding, a testament to how well it has been cared for over time. There is a large border around the edge and a beautiful medallion as a centerpiece. It has a lovely white fringe on each end that is in great condition. This rug is clean and fresh and is ready to enhance ay room in your home. It is for sale a BARN ON 26 ANTIQUES in Gray, Maine.

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